Do something different 

Part of psycho-Geography is the practise of noticing a particular colour in a journey you normally take for granted. 

Just how Pokemon Go brought local points of interest to your attention, so will looking for things in the ordinary.

One of my favourite quotes ever is ‘walk until your day becomes interesting’.

Do something different this bank holiday weekend, and make your life interesting.  

Control what you can, forget the rest 

When beung unterviewed by the BBC, one of the Olympic cyclists was asked what she thought the impact of the Germans switching the chain and gearing to the atypical side of the bike would be.

‘It’s interesting but nothing I can control, so I’m just focusing on what is in my control.’ She replied.

A wonderful insight to a winning culture that has dominated the Olympics multiple times now.

There will always be the appearance that you can force things to happen, slyly make things happen and control things that are another person’s responsibility.  

You can’t make.people listen and you cannot make people act. 

If you try to control what is outside your circle of influence, you will only get frustrated, angry and stressed. 

Control what you can, don’t stress about what you can’t and work on growing your circle of influence.

Loyalty has its disadvantages 

Professionally speaking, loyalty should not be a priority.

You are in a business relationship, where your employer is buying a product from you for what should be fair pay.

Will they replace you if someone better is avaliable and cheaper?

It would be poor business not to.

Remember what your ultimate goal is and what the goal of your employer is.

If the two match in scale of ambition, wonderful.

If not, you owe nothing to no-one.

Success through others

Unfortunately you never advance solely on your own work.

Success comes through others.

How you make them feel.

How you make them look.

How you make their work better.

Until you are in total control of your own advancement, it will be owned by others, so succeed through them.

This week, just do it

You, just like me, have a slob inside you.  

The slob who gives you 100 reasons not to do things, does things later, romanticised doing nothing.

The slob tells you people who do things were always going to do it, predestined by nature and given a leg up by their situation. 

You need to do it, you need to be the reason to do it, you need to just do it.

This week, when before you would delay, do it later, ignore it- just do it.

The amazing power of others 

Yesterday I had two experiences where colleagues were upset, frustrated and angry over interpretation of the words of others. 

The meaning they had taken was different from the rationality and language of the words they saw and heard.

Communication is not about what you say, it’s about what people understand and umfortunately there’s a huge difference in the two.

I know one of the situations above was said in positivity but the defensive position of the hearer meant meaning was added to fit in with their narrowed view. 

You can’t make people hear you and you can’t make people understand your meaning, but you can frame it so it gives them the best chance.

Make people feel good

‘When the facts don’t work, people resort to their own truths’

Trump’s viral sound bites.


If you want to get things done, you have to apply to people’s emotions.

The vast majority of people are not disciplined enough to react on principle, so they are guided by their emotions.

Emotions that link directly to their truth, their framing.

Unfortunately, you will get more out of people and get further in life if you make people feel good rather than knowing well. 

Advertise feeling, not facts.